A Broken System: Family Court in the United States, Volume 1 by Good Men Project factor Stephen Krasner breaks down the frequently complex systems negatively affecting numerous parents and kids today. Do not like advertisements? Become a fan and enjoy The Good Men Project advertisement free. We have an issue in the arena of divorce and custody in the United States. We have a system that is not objective and frequently functions as a breeding place for disingenuous and dishonest actions dedicated by players in the legal arena and often (purposefully and unconsciously) made it possible for by the very courts people think will identify truth from fiction. Many parents and kids have an uphill obstacle awaiting them as they seek what many others before the law and courts look for– fairness and the right to be heard.

A Broken System: Family Court in the United States is the very first of 2 volumes of an anthology of posts routinely released with The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project. The book provides research, truths, and interviews with the many people involved in these systems– composed through the distinct lens of somebody who has experienced everything– enabling the reader a within take a look at the ramifications, negative effect and prospective solutions to the issues these experiences present each and every day. Do not like advertisements? Become an advocate and enjoy The Good Men Project advertisement free. Stephen is the author of over 30 short articles and his background consists of writing as a factor for the HuffPost and the Good Men Project, working as a paralegal, running as a prospect for public workplace, handling political projects and working as a Peace Corps volunteer. Stephen got a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy at The New School.